Suhr Hedgehog 50 Guitar Amplifier Head


The long-awaited hot-rodded American-style amp from Suhr has finally arrived! You have never experienced amp versatility until you've experienced The Hedgehog!

What we think:

From deep, rich cleans to big blues overdrive to singing solo sounds this is the amp for someone that needs classic American-style tones but needs the tweakable, immediate versatility of modern amplification. We were blown away by how input-sensitive and responsive this amp was, especially paired with the matching 2x12 cabinet. 

Now, tons of amps can achieve a wide range of tones, but where the Hedgehog shines is how easily accessible all of those tones are. With the included footswitch, you have access to the exact clean, dirty, or solo tone you want with the exact amount and type of effected signal from the programmable series/parallel effects loop PLUS 2 extra programmable presets available from the amp face. No mid-set knob twirling or sprawling drive sections on your pedalboard, this is a swiss army knife of American-style amplifier sounds.

"But wait, what if I need to switch to different reverb and delay tones with each preset as well?"

Suhr expected that question and answered it before the thought even entered your head! Each preset can be programmed to send or receive MIDI signals to your favorite MIDI-controllable pedals, like the Strymon BigSky Reverb or the Moog MF-104M Analog Delay. Leave your pedal tap-dancing days behind you!

This is a live performance monster of an amp and we're sure that once you experience The Hedgehog, your ears will be pleased. Call Soundpure today for details!

Manufacturer Description:

Steeped in the classic, hot-rodded American tone tradition, the Suhr Hedgehog is designed to offer players the utmost in tonal versatility. The Hedgehog is a modern all-tube, 50 watt single-channel amplifier that features a cascaded overdrive section, four voicings, and a series/parallel effects loop - all of which are easily programmable.

The Hedgehog’s unique ability to select and program overdrive, voicing and effects loop options offers players a myriad of clean and overdriven tones from a single-channel amplifier.

With a simple press of a button on the Hedgehog’s front panel you can instantly store 6 presets - 4 of which are accessible via the included 4 button footswitch. 

Every Hedgehog comes with a 4 button footswitch which provides instant access to your favorite presets.

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