Suhr Badger 1X12 Cabinet - Black


compact 1x12 cab with Vintage 30 speaker. Sounds amazing with the Badger amp head!

What we think:

Perfect compliment to the Suhr Badger 18 or 35 watt amp heads! Works great with a variety of amps, but you can't deny how great it looks and sounds with a Suhr amp. Plenty of focus and well-rounded tone from the Vintage 30 speaker and great bass response from the closed-back design.

Call or Email SoundPure for more info on the Suhr 1x12 cab. Could be the perfect fit for your professional rig!

Manufacturer Description:

The Suhr 1x12 extension cabinet is the result of nearly a year of extensive R&D to design and produce the best 1x12 cabinet possible. Designed concurrently with the combo cabinet for the Badger, the new Suhr 1x12 cabinet loaded with the V30 speaker sounds big, full, punchy and focused. Whether you want to mate it with the Badger head/combo or use it as a "wet" cab in a sophisticated wet/dry rig, this cabinet provides superb tone in a compact package. Tuned and ported with the Celestion V30 in mind, the cabinet can still be ordered unloaded so that you may install the speaker of your choice.

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