Suhr Riot Overdrive Pedal


The 3rd Channel of the Hallowed CAE OD100!

What we think:

The 3rd Channel of the Hallowed CAE OD100 comes to life in this amazing overdive pedal from John Suhr. Super Creamy high gain overdrive.

Super thick rhythm or searing leads. This pedal has tons of bold character! Are you ready to ROCK?! Call to find out why this is a modern standard on many pro players boards!


Manufacturer Description:

Ultimately, though, it's about the sound and musician-friendly features. Designed by long-time working musicians who are also product designers and engineers, we focused on things that really matter to players who play out in live shows and record in demanding studio applications. We left out the frills and a gaggle of switches and knobs that may seem like they offer versatility but only get in the way when you're trying to dial in the sound in your head. We also added a very practical feature called FX-Link for players using MIDI or remote switching systems to turn pedals on and off without having to insert them into separate loop boxes. As our pedal line grows, this feature will become that much more useful for building a sophisticated rig without frustrating complexity. Speaking of features, all Suhr pedals also come with a battery monitor that measures the voltage of the battery when a cable is plugged in

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