Suhr Buffer


Sleek, compact, powerful buffer! 

What we think:

Do you love the freedom of movement from having a nice, long instrument cable but hate the signal loss you get? Are you suffering from a lack of high end after running through your pedalboard, but don't have the real estate for a standard-sized pedal?

Look no further than the Suhr Buffer. Compact, sleek, and powerful; put it under your pedalboard to make room for more pedals or proudly display it on top to show everyone your love of John Suhr's incredible designs. We recommend placing it first in your signal chain but after any vintage or vintage-inspired fuzzes since those normally don't like buffered signals.

We love Suhr's quality and robust designs on all of his products and we're sure you will too! Call us today to grab one for yourself! 

Manufacturer Description:

Today's players demand quality, reliability and great tone. To ensure that your investment in tone is preserved throughout your signal chain, the Suhr Buffer utilizes only the highest quality components such as: low noise audiophile Op-Amps, Glass Epoxy PCB, and a machined billet aluminum enclosure. When it comes to quality and reliability, we designed the Suhr Buffer with the same attention to detail as all of our award winning products including the Badger, Hand Wired and OD series amplifiers. 

The Suhr Buffer is a transparent signal buffer/line driver which is an essential tool designed to preserve your instrument’s tone. Tone loss occurs as a result of signal degradation, commonly caused by long cable run, or the use of multiple instrument cables - such as you would find on a pedal board. To solve this, the Suhr Buffer employs unity buffering to reverse the effects of capacitance without affecting your instruments tone or output level.

We recommend placing the Buffer as the first device in your signal chain. If you are using a vintage fuzz pedal such as a Fuzz Face® or Tone Bender® we recommend placing the Buffer after those devices to retain their character and relationship with your instrument's electronics.

The Suhr Buffer offers a variety of features for every playing situation. The Buffer is built using the highest quality components and equipped with two independent outputs, all in a compact, solid, aluminum enclosure. One output (ISO) is isolated and utilizes a transformer to eliminate noise from ground looping and features a 180º Phase Reversal switch to keep your signal in phase when splitting between two amplifiers

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