Suhr Classic J Pro Black IRW Bass Guitar


John Suhr's beautiful J-bass builds brought to an incredible production model!

What we think:

Rooted in tradition, John Suhr Technologies has built their brand upon instruments regarded as the epitome of vintage feel and modern playability. The Classic J Pro bass' are perfect examples of such lineage with a meticulous and appropriate attention to the smallest of details.
The body is rather light but very balanced throughout the entirety of the guitar, sounding very lively and percussive unplugged. The neck is particularly smooth and makes forming complex runs and shapings almost effortless - your hands gliding like ghosts up and down the fretboard. With all the makings of a life-long musical partner, the craftsmanship and build speaks for itself.
With a consistent quality and great sound, this world-class bass shows you why John Suhr is regarded as a top tier luthier.

Manufacturer Description:


Introduced in 2003, the Suhr Classic J is based on the iconic electric bass designs of the 1960's. This shape has helped define the electric bass guitar for over half a century. The Classic J’s sleek frame, asymmetrical body shape, and slim vintage neck profile make for an instrument that combines vintage style with modern improvements.

The Classic J is available with either our Classic J Vintage or Classic J Humphrey pickups. When coupled with our Classic J preamp, The Classic J can effortlessly shift between genres with the turn of a knob. From the thundering pulse of Rock, to the punchy growl of Jazz Fusion, to the percussive slap of Funk, the Classic J is always the right choice.

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