Suhr Classic Scott Model Roasted Alder Body #26041


The "Scott" Model - Roasted Alder Body and Roasted Maple Neck !!! Built to Scott Henderson's specs :)

What we think:

This Suhr is just insane and there's no other way to put it. Completely out-of-the-norm specs for a Suhr guitar, and no surprise - it's still an absolutely incredible instrument. The roasted alder body is a dream in itself, sounding sweet as can be with a lot of life in it. The 'D' shaped Roasted Maple Neck is one of the most pleasant surprises about this guitar, feeling like home the minute it hits your hands. The custom wiring to ensure no treble bleed is fantastic and really rounds out an already magnificent instrument. The only thing rivaling this guitar on how well it plays may just be how nice it looks. 

Manufacturer Description:

Truly a Custom Classic with a wonderful set of unique specs - both vintage and modern in approach.

This Scott Henderson Model Classic features an old-school Fender 6-screw bridge,V60 LP Pickups (neck/middle/middle - Scott prferes not to have a hotter bridge pickup) from the vintage approach and the SSC II for defeating 60 cycle hum, Roasted Neck and Body for a more lively instrument, and a 16" radius from the modern side of things. Just like Scott's playing, a fusion of jazz,blues,and rock, this one can cover a multitude of techniques and tones :)

Year Condition
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