Suhr Classic T Fiesta Orange Electric Guitar 25851


Nothing bigger sounding than a two humbucking Suhr Classic T !!!

The Fiesta Orange Classic T is a perfect example of this mindset. With Two Doug Aldrich Pickups (neck and bridge) and a 5-way, there's not much we can't coax out of this one. Sparkling clean single coil tones and blistering double coil sounds in one great looking package !!!

What we think:

Huge Tone, clean or dirty. This Classic T has a big dynamic voice that can mirror all the nuances and strengths in your playing.

Check out Ian Thornley's "force of nature" slide  performance on a Suhr Fiesta Orange Classic T with the same specs as ours :

Musician and instrument are one ....

Have Mercy !!!

Manufacturer Description:

The Suhr Classic T Features: a familiar slab body shape with optional body contours, and a 22 fret 60’s C neck profile.

The Suhr Classic T evokes the electric guitar that started it all. Digitized from an original '52 slab body, the Classic T combines legendary design with modern improvements.

Frets are Plek leveled and hand dressed for superior playability. The optional body contours improve player comfort while also reducing weight. The improved headstock design enhances tuning stability, eliminating the need for a string tree

The combination of quality tonewoods and Suhr pickups give the Classic T a familiar voice. From Classic Twang to rowdy Rock & Roll, the Classic T is a crowd pleaser that will never go out of style.

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