Suhr Classic T Pro 60's Black IRW SS Electric Guitar


The long-awaited T-style companion to the Classic Pro line! 60's spec with an Indian rosewood fretboard, alder body, and a rockin' black thin-skin urethane finish!

What we think:

Suhr's Classic T's have always been drool-worthy - select woods, incredible craftsmanship, and custom-designed pickups always put his T-style guitars just a few notches above your typical tele. The Classic T Pro series is a worthy descendent of that line and priced for the player that wants a boutique-level guitar at a big-box price.
At last - the vintage ‘T’ style guitar you’ve been waiting for! The sweetest sounds of the 60’s compacted into one spectacular guitar. An alder body lays down the groundwork for this awesome guitar - with a rich and smooth midrange and a sweet, bold high end . These come together to perfectly compliment the rounded natural low end coming off the body. The humbucker onboard really allows you to fatten up that twangy ‘T’ style tone, and opens up an entirely new sonic realm for your pleasure. This guitar is perfect for everything from chicken pickin’ to straight up jammin’!
We did an experiment with the entire Classic Pro and Classic T Pro lines where we custom ordered an original Classic with Classic Pro specs and were totally blown away at what Suhr is able to offer with the Classic Pro pricing! You're definitely getting the absolute best vintage-inspired guitar at an unbelievable price!
Note: The Suhr Classic Pro series is designed for consistency in both appearance and tone and thus varies only slightly between individual guitars. Therefore we do not picture each individual Classic Pro that comes through but we will be happy to picture one if you are interested in a particular version that we have in stock!

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