Suhr Modern 3-Tone Burst Spalted Maple Electric Guitar 25322


Unique and Gorgeous Spalted Maple Top on a Powerful Suhr Modern!

What we think:


Spalted maple is not something you come across very frequently due to the unique conditions under which it is created. Tonally, it has all of the snap and brightness of maple but it is slightly lighter and WAY cooler to look at and the basswood body only reinforces and expands on its tonal qualities. With an HSH pickup combination and splittable neck and bridge pickups, you're sure to find the tone you're looking for!

Manufacturer Description:

The Suhr Modern features: a balanced asymmetrical body, a 24 fret elliptical neck profile, and innovative neck heel.

The innovative Suhr Modern is our high-performance take on the 24 fret design. From the speed and precision of Fusion to the pounding rhythms of Metal, the Modern is designed to deliver on every level.

With its sleek elliptical neck profile, balanced asymmetrical body, and innovative neck heel, the Modern delivers unmatched playability and comfort. Top quality wood selection and lustrous finishes make the Modern as stunning to look at as it is to play.

Quality tonewoods and Suhr pickups ensure the Modern is never short on tone. If the ultimate in performance and beauty is what you are after, look no further than the Suhr Modern.


The thick, sustaining sound of the set-neck electric guitar has helped define Rock music for half a century. The set-in neck joint produces a warm, singing tone and facilitates easier access to the upper frets.


Native to Asia, Europe, and North America, Basswood gained prominence as a favored tone wood for shredders in the 1980’s. It is light in color and weight with almost no grain pattern. It is best suited for solid colors or as a backing wood for a figured top. Basswood bodies have a fat, well-balanced tone that produces smooth sounds without any hard edges. 

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