Suhr SSV Black Humbucking Pickup - Neck


Killer neck position tone!

What we think:

The SSV is for vintage humbucker lovers who want a slighty more modern voicing in a PAF-inspired pickup. The SSV is everything we love about vintage humbucker enhanced with a little wider frequency range and more clarity. 

Manufacturer Description:

If you need authentic vintage humbucker sounds, there is no need to look any further than Suhr's DSV and SSV humbucking pickups. Used by top pros who need to duplicate the great classic sounds of a bygone era, the DSV and SSV pickups have a broad sonic aperture with very little compression artifacts that afflict typical high-output pickups. Go with the DSV for smoother highs or with the SSV for more honk and snarl. 30 years of research and development by John Suhr assure you the quality of experience and workmanship behind each one of our pickups. 

SSV and DSV pickups are available in black, white, and zebra (black and cream) bobbins. The SSV pickups are also available in chrome or gold covers. 

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