Suhr Classic Antique 3-Tone Burst Electric Guitar JST9L6C


The Classic Antique series - beautifully aged and faithfully recreated guitars with vintage vibe and modern play!

What we think:

Crafted especially for vintage feel and tone with modern playability, the 2015 Classic Antique series embodies the best of Suhr's builds. The Classic Antique series is John Suhr's response to the gigging musician's need for professional-grade instruments at an affordable price point, with the most requested specs of Suhr's catalogue applied to incredible 'S' and 'T' style guitars. Lightly reliced finishes ensure the guitarist can take his or her axe out to the gig without having to worry over smalls dings and dents in the guitar's finish!

The Classic Antique SSS may very well be the ‘S’ style guitar of your dreams! A sweet, vintage tone just oozes out of the 2-piece alder body, reminiscent of the earliest music you remember hearing at Mom and Pop’s house. The lacquered maple neck gives you a bright crisp response while maintaining a smooth balance throughout the neck’s entirety, leaving a lasting impression. The SSCII silent single coil system is just to-die for, letting you dial in that spanky single coil tone without any annoying hum or hiss making you dial the volume back. The Classic Antique will have no problem fitting in with whatever type of music you’re playing - from country to rock, all the way to blues and jazz, Suhr really nailed it on these new Classic Antiques!

Manufacturer Description:

Our customers asked for an instrument that had a vintage look and feel, but did not sacrifice


playability and tone. Enter the Classic Antique™. We designed this guitar to ensure it preserved the


spirit of a vintage instrument while performing like a Suhr. Impeccable craftsmanship and attention to


detail ensure that every neck pocket is tight, every fret is perfectly dressed, and that each instrument


plays its best before leaving our facility. The nitro-cellulose lacquer finish and our proprietary


antiquing process make each Classic Antique™ feel like it has been loved for years

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