Josephson C715 Microphone


Multi-Pattern Condenser Microphone

What we think:

The C715 is one of few solid state LDCs you’ll ever find me putting in front of a vocalist. With that exception, I’m more likely to be putting up some variety of tube large diaphragm mic.  What’s so special about the 715?

It has the forwardness and immediacy of a FET mic. It’s very clear, detailed and honest, but without feeling naked and exposed. It’s beefy on the bottom with a soft, slightly dark top end to it. If you’re familiar with the Sony C-37 in any of its iterations, think of that as a starting point. The C715 is not meant to be a clone, but it does use a very similar capsule and will be loved in many of the same applications that C-37s are used in. The Josephson is a much more stable, reliable mic than the C-37 (which often spend more time on the work bench than on mic stands). With a surprisingly low output for a condenser this mic will allow you to push your preamp harder to get more color out of it, but it’s a very low noise mic so you don’t need to worry about bringing up the noise floor.

This is an absolutely incredible vocal mic, and it would be at home in many other applications as well. Give us a call and let’s talk about whether it’s the right mic for you.

Manufacturer Description:

Series Seven microphones provide unprecedented flexibility in studio pickups with a variety of directional patterns. The C715 uses a unique single large diaphragm capsule with an adjustable vent allowing cardioid or omni operation, and includes a new, patent-pending metal foam housing for minimum acoustic coloration due to the elimination of many internal reflecting surfaces.

The C715 features the new single-sided capsule with a 5 micron evaporated gold diaphragm. The backplate has an adjustable vent, reached through an opening in the back of the grille, that allows the mic to be adjusted from cardioid to omni. The single diaphragm capsule has a particularly smooth sound, usable for many studio applications where some conventional dual diaphragm mics are too harsh or bright.

The internal circuitry uses a class-A cascode FET front end, driving a large nickel core Lundahl output transformer for compatibilty with a wide range of preamps and consoles. The internal high voltage linear supply generates capsule polarization voltage without using a switching oscillator, for very low noise.

The capsule assembly in the C715 is internally shock mounted so that the mic may be attached directly to a stand through its rugged yoke mount, without using any external accessories.

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