This is a fantastic Gerundino Flamenca Blanca built and co-labeled by Juan Miguel Gonzalez, one of the elite contemporary makers of Flamenco guitars in Spain--and we believe the very last Gerundino guitar ever built! Juan Miguel Gonzalez’ father was a well known Flamenco guitar maker in Almeria and was responsible for teaching both the late Gerundino and Gonzalez the art of Flamenco guitar luthiership.Gonzalez had secretly been making a few guitars for Gerundino under his label, but when his own guitars became highly acclaimed, he focused on his own line. Paco Pena requested a set of two guitars from Gerundino (a Spruce and Cedar top) around 2005, knowing that Gerundino's health was failing and it might be his last chance. Gonzalez was commissioned to make them. A dealer from Los Angeles was visiting at the time, and asked Gonzalez if he would make a duplicate set. For those two guitars--a Spruce top No.1 and a Cedar top No.2--Gonzalez added his label to Gerundino's. To build them, Gonzalez used an amazing set of "Violeta" Spanish Cypress from his father's original collection. The harmonics of this Flamenco Blanca are unbelievable--muy flamenco.
Year Condition Color
2005 Near Mint Spanish Cypress


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