Jule Amps Brenda K. 12 watt Guitar Combo *On Sale* - Ebony


Dual rectifier, dual 6V6 ouptut amplifier, housed in a deeply resonant solid Poplar cabinet. Nice weber speaker! boost and bright functions

What we think:

It's like a champ on steroids! I prefer to leave the boost on and the bright switch is great to clear up unwanted muddy bass response from a thicker humbucking guitar.

This ebony cabinet is rare! Jule didn't make many of these. It sounds great and looks like furnature the ladies of your life wouldn't mind having on display! the weber speaker hidden inside is calling your name and itchin' to be unleashed

Are you ready to rock?!

Manufacturer Description:

The Brenda K. is a dual rectifier, dual 6V6 ouptut amplifier, housed in a deeply resonant solid Poplar cabinet. People quickly understand what we intended for the Brenda K. when we say it's an old Champ on steroids. It is a single ended Class A fixed cathode biased amplifier.

All the wiring in the Brenda K. is point to point. There are no printed circuit boards at all. There is nothing solid state in the amplifier. The controls are quite simple.

There are two controls for Volume and Tone, and there are two switches. The switches are "Bright," and "Boost." Between these four controls there are a lot of Class A sounds available. It has wonderfully rich, smooth tone, with a lot of punch. You have a choice of preamp sounds. You can use either a 6SL7 or the usual 12AX7. We always ship the Brenda K. with a 6SL7 installed because it has a much fatter, richer sound. We also include a boxed 12AX7.

The reason some of the older amps sounded so great was because they overdrove both the speaker and the output transformers. The results weren't especially predictable from a reliability standpoint, but the sound was good. We do the same thing in the Brenda K., but we do it within the safe parameters of both the speaker and the transformer.

The cabinet is solid 3/4" Poplar with a figured Birch face. The cabinet is dovetailed together rather than any kind of mechanical fasteners (screws and staples). This isn't only done for strength. It is done for tone. When these Brenda K. cabinets are finished, before the amplifer and speaker go into them, you can ring them like a gong. They are instruments in themselves.

*** Call for pricing on the 23 watt version of the Brenda K..Also sold in a 10in and 12in Combo Version

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