K-Line Truxton Vintage White #150086 -Used


A sweet custom order Vintage White Truxton from K-Line!

What we think:

Condition: Very Good

This is a fine playing and beautiful instrument. I love its vintage white color and maple neck! Together they just give off a really classic vibe. As a T-Style instrument it performs beautifully with slick action and a beautiful easy playing neck. I love the tone of its unique neck pickup that provides a punchy and responsive tone. It has lovely rhythm tone on both pickups and full on honkey tonk bite in its bridge position. With a classic control scheme and tone to match this ax will keep any picker happy and grinning for hours at a time. Try it out and see what kind of magic it has to offer!

Manufacturer Description:

Beautiful in its simplicity - limitless in its range. For nearly 60 years the single cutaway design has provided a platform for country to modern rock guitar and everything in between. 

How do you improve a legendary design? K-Line's done it by using top notch components mated to the proper tonewoods with the best electronics. The Truxton Vintage bears the standard single coil pickups and hardware configuration of the traditional single cutaway guitars from the past. 

Looking for something a little different from standard single coil pickups? The K-Line Truxton Special offers the choice of P90, mini humbucker or Firebird pickups. After a tireless search we have found the best bridge system for the Truxton Special in the Hipshot Hardtail. It achieves a piano-like tone that resonates for days! Also, the Hipshot Hardtail spacing allows for proper pole and string spacing. 

Year Condition
Call Very Good


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