Karura is an American-owned and operated company. Established near the turn of the last century, the Karura Case Company has been guided by a single purpose: to create the most trusted and useful travel cases and accessories for today’s touring musicians. To achieve this goal, Karura continually consults with renowned luthiers and professional musicians to enhance the development of its products. Karura’s customers continually provide invaluable input to the development of the original Musician’s Flight Case™. Simply put, one of the finest acoustic guitar flight cases on the market.Karura’s instrument cases blend the fine touch of hand-craftsmanship with the extraordinary material qualities of carbon fiber. Utilizing recent discoveries in the treatment of carbon, Karura designs guitar cases of unparalleled strength, elegance, and lightness that protect both the instrument and give the musician peace of mind.Technical Information:Professional musicians worldwide rely on Karura daily to protect their guitar from damage, heat, moisture, and dust while flying to international concert halls or road-tripping from city to city.Unsurpassed Strength to WeightKarura cases offer unsurpassed strength to weight ratios. No other case comes close.Karura Cases have been rigorously testedKarura case designs have been laboratory certified to withstand over 1000 kg (2200 lbs) over one ton!) of compression without structural failure or permanent deformation. Very low deflection even under these extreme loads prevents your guitars from being crushed when packed under heavy loads.Karura has completed extensive controlled drop testing on its case designs to that the Karura case shell and suspension system protect the instrument from extreme mishandling. During each drop test, a single case (and instrument) is dropped from 16 different orientations (all major axes plus the 45s) from a height two meters (6.5 Feet) onto a concrete floor. At the conclusion of this these tests, there was no damage to any of the instruments.Custom Order are available and typically deliver in 8-12 weeks. Call us today for assistance.

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