As if a Gibson L-5, mated with a 50's toaster oven, right? You can't possibly describe a Kay Barney without mentioning the Kelvinator headstock. You may not know this, but you didn't see this beyond 1960. The Plexiglas headstock overlay, that is. As if the engineers for this model ate mushrooms while watching "Forbidden Planet." You remember that movie right? 'The Tempest' in outer space. Headed by young commander, Leslie Nielsen (He wasn't always old and gray, you know?) As the top of Kay's archtop line in 1958, the "Jazz Special" boasts a full 17" lower bout, with a body depth of 2 3/4" for a very full and round archtop tone. The solid spruce top is "press-arched" and superior to a laminated top, with a very vibrant and dynamic acoustic tone that translates well through the two toaster pickups, which are the size of an aircraft carrier. These P-35 single coil pickups are just like no other. The flamed maple back and sides are un-faded and the nitro lacquer finish, is quite stately, to say the least. Although the manufacturing of these guitars was brief (1957-59,) Kay aspired to produce a fine, high- end archtop line to compete with Gibson and the other heavy hitters of the day. So if your playing Billy Holiday's "My Man Don't Love Me" or "Strange Fruit" while watching "The Thing From Another World," I got the guitar for ya. In short, if flying saucers and black soul singers are your thing, might as well go the whole nine yards, right? If you order now, I'll have my business partner personally deliver this to you, dressed in a rebreather space suit with a Ray Gun and his wonkyed chimp Debbie the Bloop, of course straight from the Jupiter II. No doubt we'll go the extra mile for you- even galaxies.

Year Condition Color Case
1958 Excellent Tobacco Sunburst Hard


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