All of our Compressors are hand built in the USA. Unlike any other
compressor, the Keeley Compressor was given the Editor’s Pick Award from
Guitar Player’s Magazine and recently awarded Reader’s Choice for Stomp
Box. It is a true audiophile and studio grade compressor with an exotic
rack mount quality in a stomp box form. The sound alone will inspire
your creativity.

The Keeley Compressors now have an Internal Attack control, designed for
bass players with high output active pick-ups or active pedal boards
with buffers.

After tweaking the compressor design, the Keeley Compressors now have an
input sensitivity control which allows the user to run keyboards, drum
machines, drum mics, master recordings and other line-level uses with
the Keeley Compressor. You’ll raise your signal to a new level of

The Keeley Compressor effect has nothing but tone tested components and
true bypass switching and the effect switching incorporates a triple
pole-double throw switch! The user will marvel at the clean unaffected
sound when in the bypass mode and the compressor has an LED for effect

Metal film resistors and capacitors ensure the cleanest compressor on
the market. Hand matched transistors to less than 1% tolerance and
ensures the musician receives a perfectly compressed signal with no
chance for unwanted distortions.

The sound quality of the Keeley comp is unheard of in the stomp-box
arena and is only seen in the high-end, very expensive rack-mount or
tube equipment.

Standard 9V DC battery and AC adapter connection. Low Current Draw – 5mA.
For more info on the Keeley pedal contact us.

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