Keeley Compressor Pro Compressor Pedal


World Renowned Compression by Keeley - Audio Performance and Blissfully Accurate

What we think:

Keeley Electronics has always had their name at the forefront of stompbox compression and the Compressor Pro is a prime example of why. From the renowned Keeley 2-knob to the more modern 4-knob, Robert Keeley has built a following from many quality compressors coming from his line and it seems like the Compressor Pro is just the next installment. Virtually every factor of the compression is tweakable, and you're left with a musical and lively sounding compressor that'll bring your guitar to life rather than squash the life out of it. This pedal could be put to numerous practical uses but will most certainly find itself as the 'always on' gem that truly defines a guitarists own sound. Compare this against your current compressor, and we guarantee some heads will be turned!

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