Keeley Jimi Hazel Echo Phase Effect Pedal


A mind-blowing pedal designed in conjunction with a killer player, benefitting a great cause!

What we think:

We love Robert Keeley's pedals here at Sound Pure. We love the fact that he's consistently pushing the boundaries and always trying new things and the new Jimi Hazel Echo Phase is no exception! Keeley and his team worked closely with the namesake artist, Jimi Hazel, in an attempt to deliver a dynamic tape delay simulator and versatile phaser in one striking, psychedelic package. Needless to say, they hit a home run. Add in the fact that $5 from the sale of each pedal will be donated to the Autism Speaks charity and you've got an all-around winner!

Manufacturer Description:

The Jimi Hazel Echo Phase is an inspired piece of music, art and engineering. It’s a product of the modern social world. You can form instant and long-term bonds with people around the world. Like we did with Peter Gusmano and the Cure series, this pedal has a part of the proceeds that go to charity, in this case, Autism Speaks.

The Jimi Hazel Echo Phase is very powerful dual effect unit that has dedicated processors for each effect. This allowed us to have maximum control over perfecting the sound of each effect. It gave us unparalleled ability to make the sounds as musical and delicious as possible.

Art and Engineering Come Together

Jimi and I instantly bonded and I had my team dive into his musical history to try and find the deepest sources of inspiration.  We found a wealth of music that was not only inspiring, but it spoke to us.  We were moved to create this tone.  We wanted that sound too!  After working tirelessly for months, Aaron Tacket, my DSP engineer, crafted a musical palette that you will be able to paint music from.  It is our finest tape echo simulation.  It is our finest phaser.  The Jimi Hazel Echo Phase is our finest dual effect pedal.

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