Keeley Katana Blues Drive Overdrive Effect Pedal


Shape and beef up that clean tone, or feel free to crank the gain and let the creamy saturation reign supreme!

What we think:

The Keeley Katana Blues Drive is prepped to be a staple pedal in the new Keeley line. The framework of the drive was taken from Keeley's JFET stages of his Katana Boost and blended with an overdrive circuit unique to Keeley, giving you lots of that famed Katana Boost transparency on cleaner settings and creamy saturation as you turn up the gain. The final product is a fully expressive and touch-dynamic drive perfect for blues and rock. This pedal is capable of being your always-on workhorse with the interactive EQ's ability to shape your tone to your liking or your go-to dirty stombox when you need that little bit of edge for solos.

Manufacturer Description:

Product Description

Dynamically Rich

The all new Keeley Katana Blues Drive. A musically rich and dynamic overdrive for the most discriminating guitar player. After more than a decade of building great guitar tone from the ground up, Keeley has crafted an overdrive that is destined to be a classic. It’s about tone and feel. The Katana Blues Drive captures the best elements of tubes with a transparency that allows your guitar’s full tonal range to shine through while at the same time delivering dynamics that are sensitive to the touch. This pedal cleans up perfectly, just roll your guitar volume back and let it shine.

Glass Tube Clarity

The Keeley Katana Blues Drive is our most expressive and musically inspirational overdrive pedal to date. We’ve taken the legendary tube clarity of our best-selling Katana Boost’s JFET stages and blended them together with a unique overdrive circuit that’s been influenced by our award-winning overdrive pedal modifications.


With active tone controls and layered overdrive tones, the Katana Blues Drive feels rich and thick yet lets your guitar tone come through. Over 13 years in the making, we’ve taken every ounce of feedback from customers to deliver an overdrive we are extremely proud of. The Katana Blues Drive was built for your inspiration. You know when a piece of gear inspires and your tone is dialed just right. Your playing becomes free and full of energy. Ideas flow. Magic happens. The Keeley Katana Blues Drive: Are you ready to get into overdrive?

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