Keeley Son of Fuzz Head Fuzz Effect Pedal


The offspring of Keeley's Fuzz Head, the new and improved Son of Fuzz Head!

What we think:

The Keeley Son of Fuzz Head is exactly what the name says, the glorious (and indisputably legitimate) offspring of Keeley's old Fuzz Head pedal. Often revered as the "ultimate fuzz," the Fuzz Head had a few little imperfections that Robert and the guys over at Keeley felt like addressing. First and foremost, an outside tone knob gives you exactly the control you need to go from the warm and mellow fuzz to full on rockin' distortion filled with great shape and presence. A dynamic pedal with a texturally rich fuzz color, you now have the option to completely remove diode clipping. This in turn gives you the capability to go from a rich distortion to supreme overdrive, harmonically rich and full. With one pedal, you have the ability to completely cover territory a lot of drives don't even dream about. The Son of Fuzz Head has all the prerequisites to become a mainstay in any rocker's rig!

Manufacturer Description:

Product Description

The all new Keeley Son of Fuzz Head.  I think it’s my best offering.  I retained the Differential Pair transistor setup at the heart of the design that is unique to the Fuzz Head.  We added a JFET tube-amp simulator on the front end followed by a germanium transistor gain stage.  We vastly improved the Tone Control and moved it to the outside of the pedal (people have wanted this for over a decade!)  Diode clipping can be completely removed for a brutal overdrive sound.  This does Fuzz to the extreme and Overdrive supreme.

Want to own a truly unique Keeley design?  This is it.  It combines the best elements of all out raging fuzz and overdrive.

The original Fuzz Head won the Guitar Player Magazine BEST STOMP BOX. The key elements to that design remain intact.

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