Keisman Juggy Boost Effect Pedal


Very reminiscent of the "Super Hard-On" pedal, this boost does everything from "clean" to "mean"!

What we think:

Works great as a clean boost, but turn it up and send your amp into crazy pushed territory! Simple, but definitely effective.

Manufacturer Description:

This clean boost is incredible! True-bypass, handwired, very small pedalboard footprint and built to last. Based off the classic Jfet BS170 transistor, this boost will do anything from a nice clean bump to an amp crushing punch. Just crank the “static ok” knob to get you where you want to be. You can place it in front of your drive section to get the volume boost you need to cut through the mix or place it behind your drive section to keep your volume down but still push your amp into tube saturation. Order one today and get the most out of your tone!

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