Keisman Klone Overdrive Effect Pedal


Clean boost to light overdrive! Hand-built in small batches by a local builder in the great state of North Carolina!

What we think:

We have been anxiously awaiting Keisman's take on the legendary overdrive and the wait has been worth it! Brian took the warmth and character of the Gold and mixed in the amp-like saturation and clipping from the D9E diodes of the Silver for a truly 'best of both worlds' mashup.

We were lucky enough to be able to compare the Klone with some of its predecessors and the results were impressive. The Klone definitely has its own character, with a slightly crisper sound and a quicker response than its forebearers, making it great for bolder and more aggressive players or for players looking for that Horsey feel but with a little more punch over the mellow sweetness found in its relatives.

Topping the whole thing off, the Keisman Klone is hand-built in small batches in Boone, NC so we are thrilled to support a local builder! Grab one today because these won't last long!

Manufacturer Description:

The Keisman Klone!

We believe we’ve nailed it with our take on the highly sought after overdrive. Featuring D9E diodes that are found in the originals and an internal toggle switch to select between buffered and true-bypass, the Keisman Klone will get you as close to the original as possible for a fraction of the cost.

Hand built in Boone, NC in small batches and individually numbered, check out our dealers to get yours!

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