This guitar is a piece of history from one of the most talented young luthiers working today. Nishi Keisuke's first guitar in 2006 after his apprenticeship with Mario Beauregard, this SJ-C is what happens when talent and patience come together: an instrument of astounding depth and flawless playability. Western Red Cedar for warmth and range, Honduran Mahogany for depth and attack, and an SJ body for balanced tone--this guitar is the trifecta for Fingerstyle music. The trebles are bright and present, and the guitar exhibits projection which is expansive but not overwhelming, meaning that even delicate waltzs or somber airs sound clear and expressive. Nishi's honed the low-end to have a well-defined edge which persists even in lowered tunings, making the SJ-C an instrument that can easily handle your eclectic tunings. Thanks to a gorgeous set of Honduran Mahogany for the back and sides, this guitar is responsive like lightning, sonorous as thunder.

Year Condition Color
2006 Excellent Honduran Mahogany


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