While exploring somewhere deep into the cavernous recesses of the Luthier's Mercantile lumber supply, Stephen Kinnaird discovered an incredible set of Bubinga that he just had to have. Once he paired it with a delicious Sinker Redwood top, the guitar practically built itself. This 2014 P-1 is brand new, and already the voice is absurd. Use whichever words you prefer--huge, fat, grand, rich, enveloping, sonorous--and they will all come up a bit short to describe the complexity of this instrument. Notes might actually sustain for days. Give it a strum and start counting, and while you wait for those sweet, rich notes to expire, explore the depths of the whorls in the Bubinga back and sides, and the panoply of colors in the Sinker Redwood top. You might find yourself caught between staring and playing. Stephen knows how to build a Parlor guitar, that much is certain.

Year Condition Color Case
2014 Brand New Bubinga Hard


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