For sale is a beautiful and rare 80's hidden gem of an amplifier, a Kitty Hawk M5 1x12" combo. Kitty Hawk was based out of Germany and was at first an importer for Dumble amplifiers, albeit a short time. The chassis were built in the US and upon arrival in Germany they would build the cabinets and install their own output transformers. This later led to Kitty Hawk making their own amps heavily borrowing from both early Dumble design and Mesa Boogie, even marrying the two sonic realms together. They then started a contract with LPMG in the 80's to import their production models to the states, and while the circuitry isn't directly based on either Dumble or Mesa for these models its hard to separate the inherent sonic influence. This model, the M5, is powered by a pair of 6v6 tubes running through a single 12" speaker. The amp has a standard 3 knob eq of treble, bass, and mids. It has one master output volume and clean volume knob. For the gain channel it features a channel master volume and gain control. The cleans of this amp are glassy, pristine and very articulate much like a Mesa Boogie. With the master volume low and the channel volume pushed you get beautiful subtle breakup and great low overdriven tones that stay very defined and help bring out a lot of harmonic overtone. The gain channel goes from slight breakup, to creamy Dumble-esque drive, to Mesa scream, and all the way to a wildly aggressive tight near fuzz tone. The natural compression and singular note integrity of this amp is astounding, keeping complex chord voicings (even with the heaviest of its gain) defined and articulate. Cosmetically this amplifier is in great shape, the tolex is clean and intact as is the grill cloth. The problematic plastic shaft pots of these amplifiers have been swapped out, and a vintage Jensen speaker installed in the place of the original. Included as well is a single button footswitch to change between the clean and gain channel. This is an extremely versatile and astounding amplifier for its price, is an amazing pedal platform or perfect on its own being operated as a two channel amplifier. If you are looking for complex boutique tones but don't want to shell out the massive amount of cash that usually entails than look no further!



Kitty Hawk
25 Years
Jeff Firestone
(603) 357 9732
Keene, NH
11:46 AM
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