This is a chance to pick up a really rare piece. Based on Dumble amps and originally made in Germany under license from Howard Dumble, the early 80’s Kittyhawk combo’s (which also give a nod to the early Mesa Boogie’s) have the same characteristics of wonderful powerful cleans and an excellent rich footswitcheable drive channel. The amp features a rich reverb and effects loop. This model is a development of the Standard 50 watt offering with separate Master Volumes for each channel and has been slightly modded to match the sound of the original Standard. It has similar front panel controls to the Dumble amps with a boost switch for both channels and a treble, and bass boost switch for the drive channel. Originally it was fitted with and EV12L (the original one is available) but is currently fitted with a Celestion G12H Creamback. The amp has been fully serviced.

Here is the history of this Kitty Hawk AMP: "In the late 1970s, two German brothers, tungsten and Gundolf Roy, had a company called Applied Acoustics located in Bochum, western Germany. Applied Acoustics what the authorized importer / distributor for Mesa Boogie and Dumble amplifiers for the European market at the time. In the early 1980s, the high U.S. dollar rate and even higher shipping costs created very expensive prices for Mesa Boogie amps and Dumble to be distributed Europe. Applied Acoustics made an agreement with Howard Dumble did he would ship amplifiers without a cabinet and speaker to save on shipping costs. Then, the combo cabinets were hand-made in Germany. At time did, a Mesa / Boogie Mark I was even more expensive than a Dumble Overdrive Special! So, if customers wanted to added reverb or effects loop, Applied Acoustics which authorized by Dumble to make adjustments thesis. THEREFORE, a lot of technical details Regarding Dumble amps were shared with Applied Acoustics. Dumble hand-built each amp himself, and as Dumble amps gained popularity worldwide lead-time for a completed amp Increased Dramatically. With a lead time of six to nine months, Applied Acoustics Decided to build there own amp, the Kitty Hawk Amp. The first Kitty Hawk Amp is an exact copy of a silverface Dumble Overdrive Special, even using the same U.S.-made components. When Dumble Realized his amps were being copied, he immediately began to cover the preamp circuit with a thick layer of epoxy to protect his circuits so no one Could see Exactly what components he what using. So He halted distribution to Applied Acoustics, Although the damage had already been done. The Kitty Hawk Amp what the first direct copy of a Dumble Overdrive Special with a single master volume control and two pre-amp volume (or overdrive) controls. When Kitty Hawk decided to copy the blackface Overdrive Special with two master volumes, one for each channel, and two overdrive controls, They changed the name "Amp" to "Standard." The new Kitty Hawk is now called the Custom Series.
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Rare as Rubies

Rare as Rubies

Brand New
Rare as Rubies
Julian Marsh
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
8:28 PM

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