Masaru Kohno was widely regarded as one of the finest builders of concert Classicals, and our experience with his work will definitely reinforce that reputation. This particular Classical is a 1973 vintage, with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides and a tight-grained Cedar top, and has one of the sweetest, most opened-up voices we've heard in a Classical in some time--thanks in no small part to the 660mm long scale setup!The tone is balanced, with bass notes that are rich and articulate, and the setup is glass smooth and easy on the hands. This #15 model Kohno responds beautifully to both a light touch to a more aggressive attack, and provides consistent projection even with the subltest adagio. The bass notes exude a dry tone that allows them to cut through the mix, complementing the warmth of the middle register. This Kohno has seen many years of great music, and it's got many more years still to come.
Year Condition Color
1973 Good Brazilian Rosewood


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