Kush Audio UBK Clariphonic Clarity Control EQ


This is THE EQ for adding air and presence to your tracks.

Manufacturer Description:

Behold the Clariphonic Dual-Channel Parallel Equalizer from Kush Audio, a fiendishly clever new approach to equalization that was designed from the ground up to give you the kind of air, clarity, and presence previously found only in very expensive analog equalizers, the kind that are often old and difficult to find.
With two high-shelves running in parallel on each channel, and your choice of 6 unusual and carefully selected corner frequencies covering everything from the mids to the supersonics, there is no limit to the types of sweet high end the Clariphonic can produce. The internal parallel signal paths produce a form of additive-only high frequency equalization that is at once holographic, transparent, and virtually phaseless. You get effortless, natural high end for days.
Bottom line: every frequency sounds amazing, and expensive. Drums, vocals, acoustic guitars, entire mixes... almost any sound can be made more present, more detailed, and more alive with this remarkably creative, forward-thinking equalizer.

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