Kush Audio Electra Dual Channel 5-Band Equalizer


A Dual Channel, 5-band, multi-topology EQ designed to precisely and musically redefine how the transients and harmonic energy of a sound interrelate, opening up completely new creative possibilities.

What we think:

If Kush's Clariphonic and Clariphonic 500 EQ are the quirky geniuses of their EQ catalog, their Electra and Electra 500 EQ designs can be thought of as the familiar, more traditional design with an impeccably musical tonal quality. Gregory Scott took great care and attention to the way the Electra's filters shape source audio, which utilize an auto-adjusting bandwidth/Q setting depending on how much gain is applied to each band. Additionally, Scott designed the filters to utilize a wide "skirt" and a tight, narrow bell - the combination of which gives you enough precision to carve out just the right amount of transient punch while maintaining a smooth musicality. This ingenious filter design coupled with a pristine and open tonality yields an incredibly punchy and modern EQ that's excellent for both carving out instruments while building a mix and enhancing your instruments while tracking. 

In use, the Electra was an instant hit on kick drum, where a low-end boost for more rumble and a slight presence boost around 1k enhanced the overall punch to the point I didn't even feel the Transient Designer was necessary (which for anyone who's used a TD on drums knows, this is saying a lot). The precision of the mid-filters was especially useful on guitars, where pinpointing the desired fundamental for added clarity was quick and simple, and provided excellent cutting through this busier rock mix. Even on a smoother vocal from a different session, the Electra was able to maintain the roundness using smaller boosts/cuts, but still added additional clarity and non-overbearing cut. 

Kush put itself on the map for it's revolutionary, forward-thinking mod of the Fatso compressor, and while the Electra certainly is more of a pristine and modern piece of analog hardware, the "high" level of intuitive thought put into the Electra plus it's musical analog behavior signify that the out-of-the-box, creative design work is still alive and well at the Kush camp. If you're after a clean and open EQ that does both deep carving and musical "kissing" incredibly well, you certainly will not be disappointed with the Electra.

Manufacturer Description:

The tone of the Electra, or Electrified Transient Equalizer, is quite literally electric, with a crackling but incredibly smooth and detailed midrange, tightly defined low end, and unmistakably analog high frequencies.

The heart of the Electra is two fully sweepable Proportional-Q bands tailored to allow for extreme pushes without sounding stressed or unnatural. The more you boost or cut, the narrower these filters get, which makes them gentle at low gain and powerful at high gain. Their adaptively musical shape allows you to add a tight 'thwack' to snares, brighten a vocal without sacrificing warmth, or even completely rebalance the elements within a drum loop as if you had faders for the various elements.

Rounding out the bottom is a fixed low shelf which pairs beautifully with the the continuously variable (25-400Hz) 12db/octave HPF. The HPF has just a touch of bite on the corner which makes it rewarding to clean up the mud; the shelf and HPF combined allow you to reshape, de-clutter, and tighten up even the most unruly low end.

Topping it all off is a sparkling, fully sweepable (3.4-20k) high shelf reminiscent of the coveted vintage mastering EQ’s of yore; it'll give life to the darkest, murkiest sound, and adds a smooth top end that plugins simply cannot replicate. Ribbons, overheads, vocals... anything that needs shimmer will love the treatment this filter gives.

The Electra is analog at its finest, and represents Kush's ongoing commitment to pushing the envelope and creating processors that fuel the creative and artistic aspects of mix engineering and music production.

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