This will quickly become your favorite amplifier!

The new KILO-bit Pracitce Amp is a simple great sounding amplifier with both the touring professional and hobbiest in mind.

Need an amp to play on the bus or in the hotel?

Perhaps you keep a guitar at the office and would love to plug in from time to time without noise problems at work?

Or maybe you just want the coolest low power amp out there to use at home, in the studio, or take camping! It doesn't matter, the KILO-bit does it!

This unique and gorgeous little amplifier sports an incredibly responsive and deep sounding FET based circuit, designed and produced in house.
It produces 3/4 of a watt clean and about 2.5 watts fully cranked. This is just the right amount of power to be able to enjoy playing at true bedroom or office levels that won't disturb your neighbors. This power is delivered into an on board 6 inch Jensen speaker that has a great amount of bass response for such a little package. There is also a speaker output on the back panel that allows you to connect to a regular speaker cabinet of any size and it sounds absolutely incredible this way and considerably louder.

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