L.R. Baggs Element Active Pickup System


Undersaddle pickup system with volume control for steel string acoustics.

What we think:

L.R. Baggs is leading the pack with this fantastic undersaddle transducer pickup. The amazing sound quality of the pre-contoured all-discrete preamp is enhanced by the low-end compressor that tightens up the lower frequencies for the most natural bass response you will find in any undersaddle pickup. The unobtrusive soundhole-mounted volume control provides easy access for tweaking on the fly. Call or email Sound Pure today for more information or ask about professional installation in your new acoustic!

Manufacturer Description:

Think you know what undersaddle transducers are all about? Think again. The Element delivers performance previously unattainable from an undersaddle pickup. The streamlined and efficient design removes every unnecessary internal component to improve the coupling between the transducer and the guitar. This substantially improves the sensitivity of the transducer for a robust, lively and open sound with great dynamics and a delicate high end.

The Element Active System pairs the Element undersaddle transducer with a pre-contoured all-discrete class A endpin preamp and includes a small, removable soundhole-mounted volume control for added convenience and versatility. The entire system is designed to install easily and features plug-and-play performance. Also included is our battery bag for secure battery storage.


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