L.R. Baggs Session Acoustic Guitar DI


Studio quality sound in a live context! 

What we think:

This is some next-level technology right here. Baggs has yet again made it even easier to get the acoustic sound we've all got in our heads properly translated to the stage. It really warms and tightens things up! We acoustic muscians have been waiting for this box for decades!!! 


Manufacturer Description:

Introducing Session™ Acoustic DI
Studio Tools for the Stage 
Inspired by the LR Baggs Handcrafted Video Sessions and our experience in some of Nashville’s great studios, Session™ Acoustic DI brings our new signature studio sound to your live rig. The Session DI enhances your acoustic pickup and imparts the rich sonic character that you’d expect from an experienced audio engineer using some of the world’s finest studio gear. We’ve captured this studio magic and put it into a compact, easy-to-use DI that will transform your live sound.

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Durham, NC
5:17 PM
10am-6pm EST Monday-Friday and 11am-5pm Saturday