LaChapell Audio 503 500 Series 3-Band EQ


An impeccably clean and detailed 500 Series EQ module featuring identical circuitry to the EQ found in the 583e pre/EQ module.

What we think:

The 503 EQ features indentical circuitry to the EQ section found in the LaChapell 583e preamp + EQ module, in a standalone single 500 series module. Being that it was originally designed to compliment the rich tube tone of the 583 preamp, the 503 EQ boasts a pristine and open tone with meticulously designed filters for optimal signal clarity. In use, the 503 paired beautifully with a cleaner preamp on classical guitar for a pristine and transparent recording chain. To get a completely different sample, we also used the 503 on a saturated bass track to beef up the low-end and bring out a little more pleasing "woodiness" within the mid-range. We were astounded by the tightness of the low-end - even at more extreme amount of boosting. The pristine tone of the 503 allowed all of the original harmonics to remain untouched, but allowed us to easily bring out more definition and clarity by boosting the mid-range fundamental by a few dB. The addition of high and low-pass filters was excellent for tracking a handful of electric guitar tracks, as we could EQ out the very top "hiss" of the amp and eliminate that low-end rumble that begins to eat up your converter input's headroom. 
The 503 is an excellent 500 series EQ choice when upmost clarity, transparency, and detail are desired without any additional coloration. 

Manufacturer Description:

The Model 503, like its counterpart found on the 583e, offers up very low distortion signature and minimal phase deviation; it is an extremely clear and transparent EQ design. Additionally, we’ve added some capabilities to the 503 not found on the 583e, specifically:

      • Cut/Boost range increased to +/- 12dB
      • Low pass filter at 5k & 10k
      • High pass filter at 50hz & 150hz
      • +/- 6dB overall trim gain stage

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