LaChapell Audio 583s 500-Series Tube Preamplifier


A rich, world-class tube preamp condensed down to a single slot 500 series format! 

What we think:

Oh my gosh, Scott at LaChapell releases a SINGLE SLOT 500 series compatible Vacuum Tube Preamp. Sign me up!


We at Sound Pure have always thought LaChapell audio is doing some great things when it comes to tube gear so naturally we have been very impressed with our first 583s (with Cinemag transformer and Telefunken NOS tube). When we had a chance to do a direct compare with our 992 EG Premium tube model (loaded with Tele's), we were blown away by how close the 992 and the 583 were!

Great Price

At less than 1/3 the price of the 992 EG Premium you can get a single channel LaChapell preamp with the API Lunchbox. There has not been a single channel variant of the 992 yet, but this comes pretty close. The differences were smaller than we would have imagined as most of the features of the bigger 992 have been included in the 500 series card, including the 20dB pad, the independent input and output gain control, as well as all of the versatility of the 992!

Get Yours Now!

Scott LaChapell has really brought an innovative product to the rapidly growing family of 500 series modules, and if you have been holding off on that tube preamp, now is the time to grab one!

As an added bonus, Scott has also loaded our fist run of 583s's with either Tele or Mullard NOS tubes at no extra cost. After we are out, you are going to have to buy your own NOS tubes. The JJ's that come standard sound nice, but a free upgrade to Tele or Mullard tubes... I'd get in on that while supplies last!

Manufacturer Description:

The LaChapell Audio Model 583s is the world’s first vacuum tube preamplifier designed for the 500 series format. Now the 583S mk2 is a single bay unit!
The LaChapell Audio 583S mk2 is the latest example of our legendary 583 vacuum tube preamplifier for the 500 series format. Based largely on our 992EG, the 583s mk2 is the perfect solution for those looking to add that extra warmth and character to their “lunch box” with versatility that only a properly powered 12AX7 vacuum tube can provide.
Power Supply: The 583S mk2, was built to meet API/VPR certification requirements. Using multiple internal DC/DC converters, the 583’s 12AX7 tube enjoys proper power for both plate (250 volts) and filament (12 volts). Unlike some other tube preamps for the 500 series, we do not starve the tube of voltages in any way. And, since this all occurs within the 583 module, there is no worry of harming your 500 series power supply.
Components: The 583s mk2 features the CineMag CMMI-10 microphone input transformer and Jensen’s best line output transformer; the JT-11. Typical preamplifier features are available as well including 48v, a 20 dB pad and polarity reverse. The mk2 also sports an auto-switching, transformer-less Hi-Z input for instruments.
??Controls: In operation, the user has individual control over the input and output gain stages via 41-position potentiometers. This, like its 992 older brother, provides total flexibility to explore the 583s’ broad sonic pallet; enhancing its versatility for all of your recordings. The new mk2 also includes a convenient handle for easy insertion and removal.

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