LaChapell Audio 992EG Extended Gain 992 w/ Stock Tubes


A Dual Mono, Fully Balanced Vacuum Tube Preamplifier for Commercial Recording and Broadcast.

Manufacturer Description:

Extended Gain 992:
Utilizing the Jensen JT-115k input transformer and two ECC803/12AX7 vacuum tubes per channel. This configuration provides >74dB of gain (usually about 76db ...) with a typical non-weighted EIN of -124 to -126dB referencing 150ohm. All other design elements are the same.

- Amplifier Isolated Meters
-Seperate Input/Ouput Gain Controls
- Hiz Instrument Inputs
- Jensen JT-11 Ouput Transformer
- Individual Channel Mutes
- Extremely Robust Construction
- Fully Balanced Ciruitry

Stock Configuration:

Dual ECC803's: Both 1st and 2nd stage using new production JJ Tesla long gray plates.

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