ca. 1905 Stahl Style 8 Mandolin EXC but for one very hard to see (and even harder to photograph) crack in the bowl back that has been expertly repaired. Email for a large picture that shows it better if interested. It does not affect structural integrity nor playability. The rest of the instrument is splendid with the abalone trimmed top with it's ornate inlaid tortoise shell pickguard and abalone trimmed soundhole. The fingerboard is also trimmed in abalone. Tasteful inlay on the headstock and original tuning pegs with the engraved back plate. Looks like a medalian of some sort was once placed above the back plate, perhaps a dealers emblem. There are some hairline surface cracks on the bottom of the ivory trimmed skirt but that's all they are. Exact replica bridge and original engraved tailpiece. The label is also in fine shape. It play easily with comfortable action and intonates fine. An exceptional instrument. Unfortunately, no case but we can ship very securely.
Price: $1295.00

Please go to my actual website to see more detailed pictures of this instrument. Thanks so much.

Players Vintage Instruments

Players Vintage Instruments

Larson Brothers - Stahl
22 Years
Players Vintage Instruments
Lowell Levinger
Inverness, CA
12:47 PM
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