LP Latin Percussion 1208MS Matt Sorum Percussion Pack


The LP Matt Sorum Percussion Pack features a cool collection of auxiliary percussion instruments, as well as the important mounting hardware, all in one affordable kit that you can add to any drum set! This package includes a Ridge Rider Rock Cowbell, Cyclops Brass Dimples Mounted Tambourine, Stealth Jam Block, Black Mini Everything Mounting Bracket, LP eye bolt assembly, and two extra long 3/8" knurled Z rods. It attaches to stands from 3/8" to 1 1/8" in diameter using a strong reversible V bracket.

Manufacturer Description:

The patented Rock Classic Ridge Rider Cowbell bell is based on the Rock Cowbell and features a red Jenigor plastic bar across the top edge secured with specially designed rivets. The Jenigor bar has a dampening effect on the sound and resists the denting that inevitably occurs when struck with a drumstick.

The Cyclops Brass Dimples Mounted Tambourine is the most ergonomically designed, comfortable, and durable tambourine ever produced. Its unique patented shape has been designed especially for natural arm and wrist motions to offer greater playing ease in all situations. This will last up to five times longer than other tambourines. Dimpled brass jingles produce a distinct crisp sound.

The Stealth Black Jam Block with red foil stamped LP logo produces rich sounds of wood blocks with high quality Jenigor, LP's exclusive plastic formulation. This model features the original patented design with black powder coated mount and bracket with eye bolt assembly. This Jam Block has the strength and durability to withstand even the hardest hitting players. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, not all blocks are created equal!

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