LP Compact Conga Drum - Giovanni 11" (LP825)


The LP Giovanni Compact Conga is a slim-line, frame like drum that produces an amazingly conga tone suitable for practice, live, or studio, produces most sounds of a full size conga. Now more than ever we mean it when we say that the LP Giovanni Compact Conga can be played anywhere a traditional conga is played!

What we think:

Influential hand drummer Giovanni Hidalgo worked closely with Latin Percussion to develop the Giovanni Compact Conga. One of the best things about the Giovanni Compact Conga is that its diminutive size makes it extremely easy to integrate into a larger percussion setup or drum kit. The sound is loud and full, perfect for playing live or recording in the studio. Whether you play with your hands or with sticks, you can expect great tone from the Latin Percussion Giovanni Compact Conga.

Manufacturer Description:

The patented drum fits virtually on any basket snare stand and can be integrated into drumkits, percussion set ups, or used on its own-where it will surprise you with its wide frequency range and authentic conga feel and sound. The new 11 inch model may be muted for quiet practice.

Although the LP Giovanni Compact Conga comes with a specially designed "center treated" synthetic head. All traditional conga techniques may be applied and, to this end, the rim includes a comfortable curve to minimize hand trauma. Drum key adjustable tuning rods are located on the underside of the special aluminum alloy frame.

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