LP Aspire Cajon-Blueburst Streak Finish LPA1332-BBS


The LP Aspire Cajon is now available in four new colors....this one being the Blueburst Streak you can add some color to your playing without breaking the bank to do it.

Manufacturer Description:

The LP Aspire Cajon gains its emphatic bottom-end from a solid hardwood body, constructed from woods chosen for their resonant properties. The interior houses a set of wire snares for those authentic flamenco trills and the durable plywood front panel is adjustable with varying screw tension.

The height is a convenient 17-¼", comfortable for all players, while the width is 12" for ample resonance. To ensure that bass tones are not "grounded" into hardwood or otherwise non-carpeted floors, the LP Aspire Cajon is fitted with large rubber feet.

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