LP LPA630 Aspire Tunable Djembe-Natural


Tunable Djembe with Siam Oak Shell and Natural Goat Skin Head - Natural

What we think:

The Latin Percussion Aspire Djembe is an ideal instrument for recording, drum circles, or simply having fun. The djembe occupies a special place in music - no other African drum has been more recorded; the Beatles and Paul Simon certainly come to mind here. You'll appreciate that the LP Aspire Djembe employs modern mechanical tuning (in lieu of the rope-tuning of its ancestors). It does, however, sport a genuine goat skin head and a Siam oak shell for authentic djembe sound. Whether you're looking to have fun with friends or juice your compositions with a world music vibe, you can't go wrong with the Latin Percussion Aspire Djembe.

Manufacturer Description:

Built from kiln-dried, environmentally friendly oak. 25"H with a 12-1/2" natural goatskin head. The rubber nonskid bottom prevents marring floors and keeps the drum in place. Tuning lugs allow you to precisely adjust your tone and even up the head's response. Includes tuning wrench. Ideal for drum circles, gatherings, or just having fun.

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