Latin Percussion LP Matador Bongos Natural-Gold M201-AW


With a traditional style and sound, these LP Matador bongos are made from environmentally Siam Oak which is kiln dried. You get a lot for such a low price with these excellent bongos.

What we think:

Matadors are LP's unsung heroes, their design reflects the first generation of products that put this percussion company on the map in the late-1960s. The heart of theses drums is the Siam oak shell, the same as most of LP's standard-setting drums. The design is clean and modern, but what's best about these, is that they are light. Matador bongos even come with superior stock rawhide skins compared to LP's more expensive models. Matadors truly project the sound of vintage salsa like no other.

Manufacturer Description:

Perfect for the working percussionist looking for a traditional sound and style, with modern construction features for a moderate price. LP Matador will take you and your music a step closer to the big stage. Matador Bongos feature kiln dried, environmentally friendly Siam Oak shells. Fitted cast aluminum bottom, Traditional rims, Natural rawhide heads, 5/16″ diameter tuning lugs. Drums measure 7 1/4″ and 8 5/8″.

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