Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 Microphone


Lauten's Large Diaphragm FET condensor mic featuring three highly versatile voicing settings, gain levels, and polar patterns. Includes shock mount and wood box. 

What we think:


The Lauten Audio “Atlantis” (FC-387) is a FET (solid state amplifier) condenser microphone that is actually 3 different microphones in one body, with a single large diaphragm capsule. How is it 3 different microphones? Well, there is a 3 position switch that will permit you to change the voicing of the microphone, the net result being 3 distinctly unique microphone sounds, and 3 distinctly unique textures you can get from the Atlantis.

Additionally, the Atlantis has the traditional 3 polar patterns available – omni, cardioid, and figure 8. When you position your Atlantis in the spot that best reflects the requirements of the source to be recorded, and choose the best pickup pattern for that application, you then get to listen to the microphone and decide if you would prefer a “gentle” response from the system, a “neutral” response from the system, or a “forward” response to the system.

Brian Loundenslager, President and designer for Lauten Audio, found that New York Engineer Fabrice DuPont [who emigrated to NY from France] was both a huge fan of Lauten Audio's previous microphones, but also had very distinct opinions on what he wanted from those microphones. Brian often took time from tradeshows [etc.] to pick “Fab’s” brain on what he was looking for in a mic. Eventually Brian started to build up some proto-type mics and sent them to Fab for comment.

As time went along, there were actually 3 different prototypes that Fab really enjoyed. Rather than being forced to pick which of these prototypes Brian would produce, Brian decided to build all three into one body with a three position switch that would allow the end user to determine which of the three sounds best suited their requirements.

The “Gentle” voicing provides maximum control of bright or peaky sources like the “esses” in vocal recordings and even some of the “mosquito” qualities found on things like “dual (and triple) rectifier” guitar amplifiers. This setting can also do wonders for taming the brashest of cymbals while reinforcing the body and tone of a well tuned drum kit.

The “Forward” voicing gives the microphone an “air” and brilliance that is not “harsh” or “brash” by any stretch of the imagination. This setting has been used quite a bit for acoustic guitar recording in SoundPure Studios, and has also found its way onto more “pop” oriented vocal recordings. At the same time, this setting can be absolute magic when placed in front of a kick drum as it captures all of the thunder, along with a beautiful top end “point”, while handling the mid-range element of the sound with absolute style and grace.

The “Neutral” position is just that. This gives the microphone a very even and tempered response that is wonderfully “clear” in nature. The most even of the three available responses from the microphone, the Neutral setting is really a perfect choice when you just want to capture the sound you've created without embellishment from the microphone.

Because of the versatility of this microphone you will find yourself using it in a wide variety of applications... so in typical Lauten Audio “thinking ahead”, there are three different output level possibilities. The main output can be trimmed [padded] by 10db, or you can add 10db of gain. This gives you the flexibility to pad the mic's output when using it for drum overheads, add gain if you're recording a very low level source... or you can just plug it in and use it with its normal output level.

Manufacturer Description:

The Atlantis FC-387 is a multi-pattern and multi-voicing large diaphragm FET studio condenser microphone. This microphone is for recordists looking for an extremely diverse, unique and modern FET sound. It offers full and rich, low and mid-range frequencies as well as smooth and unique high-mid and high frequencies no matter which voicing setting is selected.

Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 at a glance


Designed to tackle any vocalist and much more...

Multi-voicing switch for three distinct timbres

+10dB feature great for added presence

-10dB pad switch to tame loud sources

The perfect choice for both amateurs and professionals

Cardioid, Omni and Figure-8 polar patterns



Multi-voicing capabilities

The voicing switch makes the Atlantis an extremely diverse microphone. The options are F (Forward), N (Neutral) and G (Gentle). Forward offers a very open response and very modern, revealing sound. Neutral is a more even response with slight de-emphasis on mid and high frequencies for a more classic sound. Gentle offers the ability to tame harsh, bright or very forward sources or for a very vintage sound. As you will see below, each voicing setting has a unique frequency response; it’s like getting three microphones in one.

The multi-voicing feature is an extremely powerful option when recording vocals and many other sources. No need to swap out different microphones or EQ on the way in; simply flip the switch on the rear, compare the various timbre qualities and start recording.

Unique 3-way Gain Switch

The Atlantis also features Lauten's unique three-position attenuation and gain switch. The +10dB gain switch, which boosts the microphone's output, makes it less dependent on preamps to achieve excellent sound. This is an excellent option when you want to hear more of the microphones internal character rather than the preamp. The -10dB Pad gives you the option to record very loud sources adding even more options to this extremely diverse microphone.


Includes shock mount and wood box. 

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