Lauten Audio Clarion FC-357 Microphone


Multi-Pattern large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone featuring a pleasing combination of classic warmth with modern clarity! Includes shock mount, wood box, and hard case. 


What we think:

The Clarion is an incredible and unique sounding microphone with a price tag that may surprise you. Its intuitive design eliminates the harsh characteristics that sometimes emerge when recording with a FET condenser, resulting in a smooth and crisp sound with some subtle warmth. We found that the Clarion performed exceptionally well on electric guitar as shown in our Flickinger reverb video, however it's studio uses are only limited by your imagination. The addition of the +10 dB and -10 dB add even more flexibility and control to your tracking sessions. The Clarion, along with the other microphones designed by Lauten Audio, is certain to be a reliable go-to microphone for any recording situation. 

Manufacturer Description:


The FC-357 Clarion blends classic and modern FET sound. It features a uniquely tuned frequency response that produces the smooth natural character found in classic FET condenser microphones with a touch of smooth modern airiness.

 Lauten Audio Clarion FC-357 at a glance


Classic FET sound with a modern touch

Ribbon-like top-end on electric guitars

+10dB feature great for lower-quality microphone preamplifiers

Tuned to tame sibilant sources

Excellent for amateurs and professionals


Quality Internal Components

The FC-357 Clarion features our custom designed 28.25mm dual diaphragm capsule that accurately captures your source. The electronics include a low-noise FET and custom-wound output transformer that work together to provide you with an authentic and classic sound with a modern touch.

Unique 3-way Gain Switch

The FC-357 Clarion has the features you need to achieve the sound you want. The unique three-position attenuation and gain switch offers you powerful recording options with no adverse distortion. The +10dB gain switch, which boosts the microphone's output, makes it less dependent on preamps to achieve excellent sound.


Includes shock mount, wood box, and hard case. 


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