Lauten Audio Torch ST-221 Stereo Pair Microphones


SDC Stereo Pair

What we think:

 *As of July, 31st, 2014 this product is no longer being manufactured or sold. The retirement is not due to any fault of the product. Through our distributors, we plan to continue to offer replacement parts for all electronic components including capsules, vacuum tubes, circuit boards, transformers etc., for a period of 3-years from the end of life date (July, 31st, 2014). -Lauten Audio

These small diaphragm tube mics are incredibly unique. They have a rich, dark tone, surprising for a small diaphragm mic , and sound great on tons of applications. In our studio we've used them on trumpets, acoustic guitars, guitar amps, toms, and more! Lauten Audio has created a very cool, modern microphone that is a must have for any mic locker.

Manufacturer Description:

The ST-221 Torch is the most unique and versatile pair of small diaphragm microphones you will find. It has a surprisingly big low-end and fast transient response, producing original sound when recording instruments. Featuring 21 accessories, these microphones can meet every challenge in the modern day studio.

Internally each ST-221 Torch features custom tuned 15.25mm diaphragm cardioid and omni capsules, which produce a unique conversion of sound waves. The subminiature military grade vacuum tube generates a fantastic tone and adds a unique character in your recordings. Finally, the custom-wound output transformer and premium electronics come together to give you exceptional performance and original sound.

*Omnidirectional and cardioid polar patterns
*NOS (New-old-stock) military grade vacuum tube
*Robust vintage style body
*Low self-noise
*Custom wound output transformer
*High dynamic range

Included Accessories
*Omnidirectional and cardioid capsules
*Sustainably farmed wood mic box
*Custom foam windscreens
*Hard mounts
*Shock mounts
*Custom stereo mounting bar
*Premium Gotham 7-pin tube mic cables
*Power Supplies
*Deluxe flight case

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