Lerxst Chi Combo Amp 15w 1x12 w/ Celestion G12M-65 Creamback


Alex Lifeson, Lead Guitarist of Rush's signature amp!

What we think:

Reminiscent of a certain silvery and jubilant amp from our friends across the pond, the Lerxst Chi is one rockin' amp. You don't need 50 or 100 watts to push those pre's and get the drive you want, because this small package has a huge sound that won't disappoint. Get ready to quake the foundation - at reasonable levels. That sought-after British distortion and drive tone is at your fingertips with a small framed 15 watt combo - perfect for jamming with your friends at home or pulling out to the club gig. Designed to meet the needs of famed guitarist Alex Lifeson of Rush, so you know it meets the standards of the most professional and discerning of musicians. 

Manufacturer Description:

The Lerxst Chi is Alex’s new signature 15 watt 1×12 combo amplifier. The amp has all the growl and tone of its bigger brother, the Omega, but in a compact package that won’t blow your windows out and upset the neighbors. The amp can go from slightly dirty clean all the way up full on rockin' distortion. It comes loaded with a Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 8 ohm speaker.

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Durham, NC
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