Lindell Audio Channel X 500-Series Package


Lindell Audio's 500-series "bundle" featuring the 6X-500 mic pre, 7X-500 FET style compressor, and PEX-500 Pultec style EQ all installed in the 503 Power (power supply / rack).

Manufacturer Description:

Celebrating 3 years in the industry and staggering sale of 5000pc 500 Series Modules, we’re offering a once in a lifetime deal of our multi-award winning 500 series modules.

The Channel X includes the 6X-500 Microphone Pre-Amplifier-Mini-Pultec along with the much loved 7X-500 FET Compressor and PEX-500 Pultec Styled EQ.

These 3 ”Analogue Classics” come housed in a slick black brushed aluminium rack case and travel bag for maximum portability.

The Channel X uses balanced input/output transformers and our Hybrid op-amps, which provides a massive sound, full of rich character. The perfect ”Front End” Recording Channel to bring life to your digital audio interface.

Boasting no less than 5 transformers and 5 Op-Amps, the Channel X is packed too bursting with colour and tonal control of your Vocals and Instruments.

If you are looking for sweet gain, along with the punchiest lows and creamiest highs, then the Channel X is what you are looking for.

In summary, the Channel X offers a chance to experience the true analogue sound of classic designs in an easy to use modern portable design.

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