Little Walter VG-50 Tweed 1x12 Combo


The clean tone that made Little Walter and Vince Gill famous!

What we think:

What more can be said about Little Walter Tube Amplifiers? Pristine, powerful clean tones voiced perfectly for that honky country sound you love.

The VG-50 combo is an all-in-one package for the Vince Gill vibe, taking the Little Walter 50 Watt model and adding a little bit better high frequency response to capture Vince's sound. While only having 3 knobs, the circuit allows for 6V6 (6550) tubes for a brighter sound or throw in some 6L6 tubes for a little bit more hair when you dig in. The circuit also takes KT66 tubes for a sound slightly in between those two.

Phil Bradbury names all of his combo amps and this one has been christened 'Boz'. Call Soundpure to take Boz home, let him work for you, and you won't even bother charging him rent!

Manufacturer Description:

This amp was developed by working closely with Vince Gill to achieve the right clean tone while highlighting the upper register frequency that he is famous for. Like our original 50 watt chassis this model uses hand built, point-to-point construction, Hammond Transformers, top quality signal capacitors and octal pre-amp tubes but has a re-designed tone stack that allows you to achieve a bit more clean highs. This amp uses 6550 power tubes but can also use 6L6s.

The VG-50 model utilizes the same Preamp and Phase Inverter and rectifier tubes but due to a more powerful power transformer this amp can use 6550, KT88, or 6L6 power tubes. This amp also has a tone stack that was developed for Vince Gill’s touring rig. Vince asked for a bit more top end with his Tele’s so a new Volume, Bass Roll-Off, and Tone stack was created. The bass roll-off is in the very low frequency range while the tone pot allows for a bit more high frequency tone.

This amp is known for it's clean head room. It doesn't exhibit much breakup but gains a bit of “hair” in the upper volume range. The VG-50 offers more headroom than the standard 50W Model.

This amp was designed to provide a wide, fat, clean foundation for the musician to build on.

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