Straight out of far, far, far left field, we’ve got a steampunk distortion provocateur affectionately dubbed Miss Blues from electric guitar whiz kid Leo Lospennato. With a built-in knob to dial in distortion from plain jane’s “none,” all the way to “nuclear,” it’s clear that with a twitch of the dial your tone will plunge from the clean and lofty into the depths of chaotic distortion. Fun, much?

The Alder body is finished with vintage and steampunk flair, comes with a piezo bridge pickup to supplement the Dimarzio Bluesbucker (flip up the pickguard to access the battery compartment!). With a piece this unique, your tone (to say nothing of visual flair) is guaranteed to stand apart from the crowd. They’ll want to stay back, lest Miss Blues devour them in a distortion fugue!

other spellings: lospennoto, laspennato, laspentno, lospenanto, steam punk, dmiarzio

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